If you are interested in the layout of your new place, you can find all our floor plans in PDFs for you to look at. Measure out your space and discover how you can best take advantage of each condo available.

The layout of units at Kingsford Waterbay are squarish and regular, maximising the use of space to fit in all necessary facilities. You can choose from 1 bedroom to 5 bedroom units, with comfortable rooms that a versatile and adaptable. We also offer the opportunity to inspect our show flats, which give you an example of exactly how you can use the space.

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These condos are designed to suit the modern home-owner, featuring living room, kitchen and stylish bathrooms. As a design that takes full advantage of space, you will easily be able to fill this unit with the furnishings that work with your lifestyle.

Take a look at our floor plans to discover what’s to expect when you invest in a Kingsford Waterbay apartment. Once you’ve found a layout that suits your requirements, you can get in touch with our team for more information, or book for a show flat inspection to get a better idea of what you’re investing in.

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